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ECE Deparmental Seminar 

Algorithm Design and Analysis in Wireless networks

Prof. Lin Chen

University of Paris-Sud

Monday, 11/6/17, 2:00pm
Light Engineering 250

Abstract: Algorithms are one of the most fundamental elements in computer science. Networks and networked systems are no exception. This talk covers our recent research on some algorithmic problems of both fundamental and practical importance in modern networks and networked systems, more specifically, wireless networks. These problems include (1) channel rendezvous and neighbor discovery, (2) opportunistic channel access, (3) distributed learning, (4) path optimization and scheduling, (5) algorithm design and analysis in radio-frequency identification systems.

Methodologically, most of our analysis is systematically articulated as follows: (1) Establishment of theoretical performance bound, (2) Optimum or approximation algorithm design, (3) Further extension and generalization. By our work we aim at making a tiny while systematic step forwards in the design and analysis of algorithms that can scale elegantly, act efficiently in terms of computation and communication, while keeping operations as local and distributed as possible.

Bio:  Lin   Chen  received his B.E. degree in Radio Engineering from Southeast University, China in 2002 and the Engineer Diploma and Ph.D. from Telecom ParisTech, Paris in 2005 and 2008 respectively. He currently works as associate professor in the department of computer science of the University of Paris-Sud. His main research interests include distributed algorithm design and analysis in networked systems.

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