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Graduate FellowshipS


Stony Brook University and the Department of Economics are deeply committed to the recruitment, retention, and success of a diverse graduate student community. 

Thanks to the generosity of one of our alumnae, the Department of Economics has started a Graduate Fellowship Program for qualified underrepresented students whose  immediate academic plans include obtaining a doctoral degree in Economics. 

The mission of these fellowships is to substantially increase the diversity and representation of students traditionally underrepresented in Economics.  The long-range goal of the Fellowship is to  encourage Fellows to assume their  responsibilities as future leaders,  educators, and researchers here in the United States. 

The Fellowships offer an additional $75,000 of support over five years and a reduced teaching load after Advancement to Candidacy. This support includes summer research funding, moving expenses, computers, and books.

FOR MORE information: 

E mail:  

Graduate Program Coordinator:  Maryann Calvacca

Graduate Program Director:  Hugo Benitez-Silva


ECO Graduate Fellowships