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2021 Graduate Fellowship RecipientS

Introducing our TWO Fellowship recipients for the Graduate Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Economics! 

Congratulations and welcome to Dana Golden and Shafira Widjaja! 

Dana GoldenDana Golden is a first-year economics PhD student whose research interests focus mainly on the intersection between game theoretical analysis of multi-agent systems, applied data analysis, and the tech sector within economics.  Dana originated in Georgia, went to Georgia Tech for undergrad and an MS in economics. During college, Dana worked as an accountant for the Defense Department, as an athletic tutor for numerous mathematical and social scientific subjects, and as a graduate teaching assistant for a philosophy class. Following her MS in economics, she moved to Kansas City where she worked for the US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service as an economist and published the oil crops outlook report and associated data product as well as the season average price data product, and state exports trade data product. While at the USDA, she also taught courses on programming and data analysis using SQL, R, and Python and wrote and presented papers and posters on price forecasting using agricultural futures and the usage of natural language processing to generate outlook reports and research papers in economics. During her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, standup comedy, programming, and playing and designing board games. She happily reports that that last year she hit the milestone of 120+ books in a single year.

Shafira Widjaja
Shafira Widjaja
was born in Columbia, South Carolina but grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although she holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, she has always been interested in studying Economics. Shafira  took her MA in Economics at UT Austin where she decided to study further and pursue a PhD at SBU.  She is interested in deepening her knowledge and doing research in Game Theory and Industrial Organization.



2020 Graduate Fellowship Recipient

Introducing our first Fellow for the Graduate Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Economics!

Congratulations and welcome to Maryam Masoud Ahmed our first Fellowship recipient!  Maryam will be a PhD candidate in Economics at SBU beginning Fall 2020.  She graduated from The University of Grenoble Alps, France in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Economic Engineering and Management.  Maryam worked in entry level positions in accounting, finance and banking.  She ended up being obsessed with Economics, which made her decide that she wanted a career in academia.  Maryam received her Master’s degree in Economics in 2020 from New Mexico State University, her Master’s thesis was about socio-economic factors that affect happiness in southwestern counties of the US.  In her spare time, Maryam loves playing tennis because it’s a great sport!


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