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Community Dialogues



Community Dialogues are large scale discussions on relevant social and civic topics. The purpose is to engage students with today’s most challenging conversations, provide a safe space to share and listen to one another, as well as develop students into tomorrow’s leaders! Each topic is examined through keynote speakers, background guides, interactive games, videos, and much more.

During a Community Dialogue that is facilitated by trained community members, participants will:

    • Discuss three different options through which an issue can be addressed;
    • Consider the benefits, drawbacks and trade-offs for each of the three different options; and
    • Create public consensus and prioritize the different options based on community needs.

Community members are asked to think critically about issues affecting their communities and the different perspectives and perceptions that exist within a single community about any given issue. 


Upcoming Community Dialogues

Spring 2024

First Community Dialogue: February 28th

Second Community Dialogue: April 10th


Past Community Dialogues