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Collaborate with Us!


About the Center for Civic Justice at Stony Brook University: We are committed to developing engaged local and global citizens. In order to do this, we provide voter engagement, community service, and educational opportunities that are meaningful and make a positive impact.


Student Leaders & Student Organizations

If you are a Student Leader or a Student Organization that is interested in collaborating with the Center for Civic Justice:

Click Here to complete our Student Leader & Student Organization Collaboration Interest Form

  • Please submit this interest form at least 3 weeks prior to the collaboration you want to work on with us.
  • All of our collaborations need to be non-partisan, meaning we do not focus on or endorse any particular political parties or candidates from any particular political parties.
  • Our priority is to make sure students have all of the information they need to make educated and informed decisions for themselves as part of a community.
  • After you submit this interest form, we will review your request and follow up with any questions we might have. If we decide to move forward with the collaboration, we will match you with a member of our team so we can get started, together!

If you have any questions, please email


University Offices and Departments

If you are a University Office or Department that is interested in collaborating with the Center for Civic Justice, please email