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Fall 2019


Constitution Day
Tuesday, September 17  ·  10am to 4pm  ·  Student Activities Center Lobby
Join us for Constitution Day as we start Stony Brook University's first Civic Engagement Week. Learn about your rights, celebrate our community, become a change agent and offer your own ideas, and win some prizes!

Walk of Hope
Wednesday, September 18  ·  1pm to 2:30pm  ·  Student Activities Center Plaza/Lobby
CW: Suicide Prevention and Awareness: The Center for Civic Justice will join the Center for Prevention and Outreach for this year's Walk of Hope for Suicide Prevention and Awareness during Campus Lifetime. We want to show our community that you are not alone and we are here to support you. Join us if you are able.

Community Activist Awareness
Thursday, September 19  ·  1pm to 5pm  ·  Student Activities Center Lobby
What does it take to be a community activist? Join us to learn about everyday people who are taking and have taken important initiative to create positive change in their own communities!

Global Climate Crisis Awareness
Friday, September 20  ·  11am to 3pm  ·  Student Activities Center Lobby
Join us to learn about what is happening to our planet, and explore different ways in which we can be more environmentally-conscious in our everyday lives.

CommUniversity Day
Saturday, September 21  ·  12pm to 4pm  ·  Academic Mall (between Student Activities Center and Melville Library)
The Center for Civic Justice will join many partners on and off campus to celebrate our community and showcase all it has to offer. Learn more about who we are and participate in our activities!

Community Dialogue on Incarceration in the United States
Monday, September 23  ·  7pm to 9:30pm  ·  Student Activities Center Ballroom A
Join us for our first Community Dialogue of the semester. We will explore a timely issue affecting our community, and consider some of the ways in which we can address the issue as a community. The issue for this Community Dialogue is Incarceration in the United States. Click here for more information about our Community Dialogues. This is a for-credit EXPAND event through the UGC 101 class, and a for-credit event through the University Scholars Program.

National Voter Registration Day
Tuesday, September 24  ·  10am to 4pm  ·  Student Activities Center Plaza/Lobby
Join us as we celebrate the right to vote with civic and voter engagement themed games and activities, opportunities to contribute to dialogue about issues affecting our communities, and of course, desserts and other giveaways provided by some of the event's sponsors. This event is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Office of the Dean of Students, Department of Student Community Development, Center for Civic Justice, Office of Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living, Office of Student Engagement and Activities (Fraternity and Sorority Life), Faculty Student Association, Undergraduate Student Government, Andrew Goodman Foundation, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, National Voter Registration Day, Campus Takeover, Young Invincibles, Alternative Spring Break Outreach, Suffolk County's League of Women Voters, and more!