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International Student Voting 

Voting is an important duty in any country. Therefore, the right to vote overseas is a momentous privilege and should be exercised. Those eligible to participate in voting overseas, known as expatriate voting, are many, but one may face many restrictions in doing so. To facilitate your voter experience, the Center for Civic Justice compiled a list of regulations and restrictions by country and territory. We invite you to partake in your country’s elections and exercise your  right from wherever you are. 

Electoral Information by Country / Territory

Definitions and Values

Voter Checklist

Elections Calendar

External Research

Newsfeed of Global Elections


Voter Information

We provide information needed to successfully and safely engage in all elections while making educated and informed decisions.

Voter Eligibility

Register to Vote / Update Voter Information

Absentee Voting

Town of Brookhaven Special Election - March 23, 2021

New York State Primary Election - June 22, 2021

General Election - November 2, 2021


Our Commitment to Democracy

Our Commitment to Democracy is a comprehensive action plan about efforts throughout the Stony Brook University community to cultivate, develop, and empower our students to make educated and informed decisions in upcoming elections and to successfully cast their ballots. Our action plan is developed by the University's 2020 Presidential Election Planning and Coordination Committee that includes representation from throughout the campus community: students, faculty, staff, senior administrators, community partners, and members of our surrounding communities as necessary and appropriate.

Our Commitment to Democracy - 2020

NSLVE Report - 2014

NSLVE Report - 2016

NSLVE Report - 2018

Voter Engagement Annual Report - 2019-2020