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About ElectHer

ElectHER is an internationally based non-profit organization which aims to bridge the inequality gap within modern democracies across the globe. Founded by Ibijoke Faborode, the initiative was first developed in Nigeria in order to promote gender equality in representative government. With the motto “Decide. Run. Win,” she has developed several initiatives that have helped many women across Africa do just that. By recognizing the importance of providing resources for disantvantaged and marginalized populations, she aimed to empower and prepare them to participate in government. She has developed initiatives such as Agender35, which aims to mobilize resources in order to support the campaigns of women in the African 2023 election. They have successfully helped women candidates recruit volunteers for their campaigns, advocated for legislation to support female political candidates, and raised $5,000,000 to help these women support their campaigns. 

ElectHER continues to provide resources such as leadership training and policy based education to women interested in running for government to demistify the process and help motivate women to decide to run for office. The organization has even collaborated with several organizations supporting womens empowerment to begin the Women for Women Fund. It was established in order to address the economic gap between women and men, and demonstrate to women across the world that many barriers to running for office can be alleviated. This fund aims to provide financial support for women lacking the money to run a successful campaign.

Addressing the under-representation of women, by democratising politics for women to Decide, Run and Win elections across the world.

A world where women are equally represented across all elective office positions.


About the ElectHER Campus Initiative

From its inception ElectHER has aimed to reach all populations of female politicians to encourage them to run for office. Across the country there are now ElectHER initiatives beginning on college campuses in order to educate young women on the importance of running for office while providing them the skills to do so.

At these trainings young women learn how to identify issues they are passionate about, how to develop a pitch about themselves and what they are advocates for, as well as networking with candidates for office and position holders. At a time where female representation is rising, this initiative is more important than ever in the push towards gender equality in government representation. 


Points of Pride

Stony Brook University has been an active participant in initiatives which encourage female representation in office.Through hosting several ElectHER trainings over the past few years we have aimed to mobilize and empower women in our own community. 

  • In 2019, Stony Brook hosted the 8th annual ElectHER training which included individuals such as Lucky Sasiphong who is the Operations Assistant of Running Start, a non-profit organization which provides women the resources and connections they need in order to successfully and confidently run for office. 
  • The event also included speakers such as Debra Mulé, who is the Legislator of District 5 in Nassau County.