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Academic Enrichment Activities and Services

Academic Enrichment

Supplemental Instruction

The Center for Inclusive Education offers peer-led Supplemental Instruction study sessions to maximize student performance in historically challenging academic courses. Sessions are facilitated by advanced students who have successfully completed the course and have demonstrated an aptitude for teaching. The Supplemental Instruction approach involves regular review sessions outside of class sessions where students have the opportunity to discuss readings, compare notes, and work on sample exam items. For more information on which courses are offered, please contact Kathryne Piazzola.


The Center can provide tutoring support for CIE students who are experiencing difficulties with a specific courses. Access to tutoring is contingent on availability of tutors and funding. If you are experiencing difficulties with a course and think that you might benefit from tutoring support, please contact Kathryne Piazzola.

Writing Boot Camp

Every Winter and Summer break, the Center provides a space for uninterrupted writing time. This is an opportunity for CIE scholars to focus on thesis/dissertation writing, manuscript preparation, grant proposals, and fellowship application in a distraction-free environment. Participants have access to a wireless internet connection, a printer, writing support (upon request), and a light breakfast. For more information on the Writing Boot Camp, please contact Karian Wright.

Writing-to-Win Workshop & Series 
A service to enhance the writing skills of our students, as writing is deemed an essential and fundamental skill for the successful acquisition of grants, which is central to academic and scientific careers. Enhanced writing skills put CIE students at an advantage for submitting competitive fellowships and research applications. Participants who register for this workshop will be paired with a current NSF fellow to work one-on-one on the application essays and submission process. We will establish an application schedule and communicate via e-mail or personal appointments until your application is submitted. Information sessions will be announced early in the fall semester.