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Professional and Career Development

Professional Development series

The primary purpose of these workshops is to connect AGEP graduate students with resources and individuals who can help foster their professional development and entrance into the professoriate. Examples of past workshops are:

    • CV & Resume Writing
    • When Professors Say "X", they Really Mean "Y"
    • Money Management for Graduate Students
    • Speaking About Science
    • Secret Tips for Preparing a Winning Fellowship Application

Conference Travel Awards 

Financial support to assist in meeting the allowable costs of enrolled eligible CIE doctoral or master´s student´s attendance at an appropriate professional conference or meeting related to his/her studies. Such travel and other conference expense support under the program will be limited to a total of $1,200 in allowable costs per conference/meeting. AGEP-T FRAME Conference Travel Support Site or Turner Fellowship Conference Travel Support Site

Diversity centered conferences & meetings   

The CIE sponsors participation in the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, a four-day conference that has become the largest gathering of minority doctoral scholars in the country. The Institute gives the issue of faculty diversity a national focus and provides minority scholars with the strategies necessary to survive the rigors of graduate school, earn the doctoral degree and succeed as a member of the professoriate. 


Dissertation Writer’s Workshop

Provide graduate students affiliated with the Center for Inclusive Education an opportunity to progress on their dissertation in a distraction-free environment. By offering the proper environment and support for intense focused writing time, the camp provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks many graduate students face at this stage. Having this structure will make the students accountable and can help them remain focused in order to complete their objectives. 


Speaker series 

The AGEP Program in conjunction with the Center for Inclusive Education hosts a speaker series for our students and for the graduate student population as a whole. 
Examples of past speakers are:

  • Dr. Jorge Cham of Piled Higher and Deeper Comics "The Power of Procrastination"
  • Dr. Desiree A. Byrd of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine "HIV Neuropsychology: Insights from biomarkers & health disparities"
  • Dr. Bonita London of the Department of Psychology at Stony Brook University "Navigating your Professional Career: Overcoming Imposterism, Embracing Success"
  • Dr. Carlos Castillo Chavez, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Arizona State University “Building & Linking Communities through Mathematics: Adventures of a Mathematical Biologist?
  • Dr. Mark Hernandez, Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder/Director of the Colorado Diversity Initiative “Leadership, Reciprocity and our Disappearing Mentors?
  • Dr. Glake Hill, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Jackson State Mississippi “Growth of a Lion; Empowering the Next Generation of Scientists?
  • Dr. Calvin Mackie, Tulane University, “Achieving Personal Greatness?Film Screening: "Naturally Obsessed; the Making of a Scientist"


Topic Based Lunches with Senior Administration 

The goal of the Topic Based Lunches is to offer CIE students a glimpse into the professional pathway of our senior university leaders. By doing so, we believe critical discussions about the direction of this University as well as issues pertaining to diversity and graduate education will emerge. This will ultimately foster a strong sense of school spirit and provide valuable professional development advice to our students. 


Writing-to-Win Workshop & Series 

A service to enhance the writing skills of our students, as writing is deemed an essential and fundamental skill for the successful acquisition of grants, which is central to academic and scientific careers. Enhanced writing skills put CIE students at an advantage for submitting competitive fellowships and research applications. Participants who register for this workshop will be paired with a current NSF fellow to work one-on-one on the application essays and submission process. We will establish an application schedule and communicate via e-mail or personal appointments until your application is submitted. Information sessions will be announced early in the fall semester.

Postdoc preparation 
CIE students participate in postdoctoral preparation workshops that facilitate the transition from the graduate school into the professoriate or professional life.


Writing Accountability Group

The Writing Accountability Group is a group of people that support you in making sure you meet your commitments. The Writing Accountability Program at the CIE will support you by providing the structure and environment that will help you stay motivated and on task. Studies show that sharing your goals with others and working together to achieve them will largely increase your chances of accomplishing said goals. We will provide two 2-hour sessions (one in the morning 8-10am and one at night 5-7pm) for writing time. Our only requisite is that you must attend all sessions.