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Thank you for scanning the QR code to learn more about the people and events featured in our Fall 2016/Spring 2017 edition of the CIE Newsletter. If you would like to view the document in its entirety, please click here.

Page 3: IMSD-MERGE Scholar Receives SUNY Chancellor’s Award

Page 3: Congratulations to Dean Charles Taber, PhD

Page 4: Graduate School Profiles 

Page 4: Jennifer DeLeon 

Page 4: Daniel Irizarry 

Page 4: Jordan E. Franklin 

Page 4: Raul Acevedo, PhD

Page 4: Dominique Williams, PhD

Page 5:Stony Brook University's "40 Under Forty" Recognizes Two CIE Alumni

Page 5: Suffolk County Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission Award Recipients  

Page 8: Intersession and Summer Dissertation Writing Boot Camps

Page 17: Congratulations to PI Dr. J. Peter Gergen

Page 19: Turner Fellow Spotlight

Page 19: Athena LaTocha

Page 19:Nichole S. Prescott, PhD 

Page 19:Sharonah Fredrick, PhD

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