Com munity of Student Mentors Program


The Community of Student Mentors (CSM) program provides underrepresented graduate students in all disciplines with the opportunity to forge peer-to-peer mentoring relationships and incorporate them into their larger advisement plan. Peer mentoring programs have been documented as being successful in providing academic, professional, and social support for doctoral candidates.  Graduate students can often experience feelings of isolation and anxiety due to the difficulty associated with developing a connection with faculty advisors and fellow students, beyond academic interests. For ethnically and economically underrepresented students, participating in a mentoring program that links them with advanced level students who they can more easily relate to can be a successful component of a larger retention strategy. 

In addition to creating a network of mentoring relationships, the CSM program provides a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable mentoring experience. Many jobs in academia look for candidates with a strong record of mentoring. Mentors participating in the CSM program will acquire direct mentoring experience in a structured program that will help to make them more competitive candidates on the job market. 

Junior graduate students are carefully paired with a more senior level graduate student that will serve as their mentor. Students participating in the CSM program will be required to meet at least once per month to discuss experiences and milestones in their studies and graduate student lives. Both mentors and mentees will be required to submit monthly meeting logs to document successes, challenges, and concerns. Logs will remain confidential unless there is a question of emotional/personal safety of the student or fellow students, at which time the CIE reserves the right to share the information with the appropriate offices on campus.


If you are interested in participating in the CSM program, you can find the application forms here.

CSM Monthly Logs (for current CSM participants)


Peer Mentoring Handbooks

Peer Mentoring Research

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