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Community of Student Mentors Program



The Community of Student Mentors (CSM) Program is designed to create valuable peer mentoring relationships between Center for Inclusive Education scholars, to forge a path towards a successful career. The CSM Program provides underrepresented graduate scholars in all disciplines with the opportunity to forge peer-to-peer mentoring relationships and incorporate them into their larger advisement plan. 

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All CIE scholars are invited to participate in the program, where they will be paired with an advanced graduate, alum, or postdoctoral scholar that will serve as their mentor. Scholars participating in the CSM Program will be required to meet at least once per month to discuss experiences and milestones in their academic and personal lives. Both mentors and mentees will be required to submit monthly meeting logs to document successes, challenges, and concerns. Logs will remain confidential unless there is a question of emotional/personal safety of the scholar or other fellow scholars, at which time the CIE reserves the right to share the information with the appropriate offices on campus. 

In addition to the benefits associated with participating in a peer mentoring program, participating in the CSM Program offers added advantages. Each student mentor and mentee will receive a $50 award posted to their financial aid account from the Center for Inclusive Education. Once posted, the funds will be automatically applied toward any outstanding balance on the account. However, if there is no outstanding balance, the funds will be issued to the mentor/mentee as a refund. Postdoc and alumni participants will receive an alternate incentive for participation. Additionally, the CSM Program provides scholars with the opportunity to take part in community building and social events open only to CSM participants, including a Fall Kickoff and an End of the Year Celebration. 


If you are interested in participating in the CSM program, you can find the application forms here.



Contact for Information

Lisa Ospitale

Program Manager

Jessica Triola

Program Coordinator