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CIE Researcher of Distinction, November 2021


Vaughn K. Greene Jr.
Vaughn Greene

Each month, the Center for Inclusive Education showcases the outstanding research being conducted by one of our talented scholars in our Research Café series. In addition, we recognize this scholar as a Researcher of Distinction and share the details of his/her journey to becoming an accomplished scholar. This month's Researcher of Distinction is Vaughn K. Greene Jr., PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering. Vaughn presented his work, ‘Improvement of stem cell delivery vehicle for treatment of osteoarthritis on Thursday, November 30, 2021.



My path is pretty much similar to other people. I had the opportunity in undergrad to work with an amazing researcher, and she gave me a reason to do research. Which was to try and solve biomedical problems through evaluation and analysis to improve the overall outcome of human health.

VAUGHN'S Current Research

Describe the work you presented for your Research Café.

The presentation for the research cafe was a culmination of thoughts and evidence for my proposal. It entailed a description of Osteoarthritis and the chronic inflammation associated with the knee joint. There are a variety of ways to treat patients which includes the use of pharmaceuticals , surgery and orthobiologics. Orthobiologics treatment consists of using the patients own biological material to improve regeneration of the damaged area. One type of othrobiologic is Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) , which have shown to produce reduction in inflammationa and promote regeneration,  however they leave the affected area, thus reducing their therapeutic potential. I would like to develop an optimal biological housing unit made of hydrogels. In order to accomplish this task, I would like to assess if thehydrogel affects the ability of the the MSCs to reduce inflammation and which MSC produces the best inflammation reduction outcomes.

What was the deciding factor for you to come to Stony Brook for your graduate studies?

The CIE, really and truly. Having a family support like the CIE allowed me to feel comfortable at Stony Brook.

Are there any other projects, beyond your Research Café work, that you are currently working on? 

Not at this time.

What are your future goals?

To try and be part of the team that creates the first 3D printed organ. People need organs. They are vital to our survival, and there are a lot of people waiting for one. I know we are a while away from it, but I want to work on anything related to that.

What do you enjoy most about research?

Obtaining an answer, after the millions of failures, just knowing what you envisioned working out.