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Aishah Scott, PhD Candidate in History
Stony Brook University
Aishah Scott


Aishah specializes in 20th Century American History with concentrations in Public Health and African American History. Her scholarship focuses on the roots of institutionalized structures of inequality and discrimination that disproportionately made minority groups vulnerable to health disparities. Aishah’s background in Public Policy motivates her historical research to identify obstacles that hinder underrepresented groups from living healthier lives. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where her early experiences in community activism first inspired her research. Aishah was in the pioneering class of the first Bard High School Early College where she graduated with her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree at the same time. Two years later Aishah received her bachelor's degree in Political Science, Cum Laude, from Stony Brook University followed by a master's degree in Public Policy. She will defend her dissertation entitled, "Respectability Can't Save You: The AIDS Epidemic in Black America" in June 2019.


Aishah has presented her research at multiple conferences including: the National Council of Black Studies, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, and University of Maryland Graduate Conference. Additionally, she has presented her work at several invited talks at Stony Brook University. Aishah received the 2017 Center for Inclusive Education Scholar Award for Excellence for her scholarly achievements and dedication to mentoring. Aishah was also the  social media coordinator/affiliate of the Center for Inequality, Social Justice, and Policy at Stony Brook University.

With regards to her future aspirations, Aishah's ultimate goal is to be a professor who continues to produce innovative research while being an engaging educator. Additionally, Aishah wants her research to not only rethink the history of public health but to impact the health disparities among underrepresented groups as well.


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Graduation date: 
August 2019