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Dominic Michael Davy, PhD Candidate in Community Research and Action
Binghamton University
Dominic Michael Davy

Dominic was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. His immediate family is originally from the island of Jamaica. He attended private schools for his compulsory education and began his collegiate career at Binghamton University graduating in 2012 as a proud member of their Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). After his undergraduate education, Dominic enlisted in the United States Army where he served for 5 years and completed a Masters degree in Public Administration during his service. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Community Research and Action at Binghamton University and is interested in the lived experiences of black students in relation to public education. Dominic is a father of two growing boys and he and his partner enjoy going on both big and small adventures with their family. Dominic is expected to defend his dissertation entitled, "Education and Social Death: Black Students' Lived Experiences with School Discipline " in May 2020.


Dominic has presented at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting since 2018 and he has earned a diversity fellowship as well as a scholarship awarded to students engaged in activism. Dominic's ultimate goal is to pursue a post doctoral position at a public university where he can gain more research experience and hone his teaching craft. Ultimately, Dominic's desire is to obtain a tenure track faculty position and connect what he teaches in classrooms to the research he conducts and the services with which he is engaged in.


Contact information:

Graduation date: 
May 2020

College of Community and Public Affairs