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Trevor Sears, Professor

Joint with Brookhaven National Laboratory

Trevor Sears

B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK 1975
Ph.D. Chemical Physics, University of Southampton, UK, 1979
Postdoctoral Associate, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1979-1980
Postdoctoral Associate, National Research Council of Canada, 1980-1983
Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1983-present
Stony Brook University 2006-present

559 Chemistry
Phone: (631) 632-1144

The Sears Group Website

Gas-Phase Molecular Dynamics

The Gas-Phase Molecular Dynamics Program explores the energetics, dynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions resulting from molecular collisions in the gas phase. The goal of this work is a fundamental understanding of chemical processes related to combustion. We are interested in the microscopic factors affecting the structure, dynamics and reactivity of short-lived intermediates such as free radicals in gas-phase reactions. Molecular species are studied using both experimental and theoretical tools including high-resolution spectroscopic probes, velocity map imaging, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, ab initio electronic structure calculations and both time-dependent and time-independent quantum calculations of nuclear motion. The focus of the program has recently been broadened to include aspects of the chemical physics of catalysis, specifically chemical dynamics and kinetics at surfaces and on metal and metal-containing clusters, and the spectroscopy of metal-containing clusters. The synergy between the experimental and theoretical parts of the program cannot be overemphasized.

scientific image

Two coupled large-amplitude vibrational coordinates for [HO-H-OH]-, representing H transfer in a double well, with the barrier strongly dependent on the O-O distance. See H.-G. Yu, "A rigorous full-dimensional quantum dynamics calculation of the vibrational energies of H 3O 2-" J. Chem. Phys. 125, 204306 (2006).

scientific image

Two dimensional detuning pattern for FM AC Stark-detected double resonance spectroscopy. Transient change in FM absorption spectrum of probe transition under the influence of a coupling field near resonant from the upper probe level to a higher state. Vertical black line indicates pump detuning for probe scan shown at right; horizontal black line indicates probe detuning for pump scan shown at top. See "AC Stark detection of optical-optical double resonance in CH 2" Y. Kim, G. E. Hall and T. J. Sears, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 8, 2823 (2006).


Sub-Doppler Stark spectroscopy in the A-X (1,0) band of CN
M. L. Hause, G. E. Hall and T. J. Sears
J. Phys. Chem. A. DOI: 10.1021/jp906085e (2009).

The halocarbenes: Model systems for understanding the spectroscopy, dynamics and chemistry of carbenes
S. H. Kable, S. R. Reid and T. J. Sears
Int. Rev. Phys. Chem. (in press).

Sub-Doppler laser absorption spectroscopy of the A2Πi – X2Σ+ (1,0) band of CN: measurement of the 14N hyperfine parameters in A2Πi CN
M. L. Hause, G. E. Hall and T. J. Sears
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The Zeeman effect on lines in the (1,0) band of the F 4Δ – X 4Δ transition of the FeH radical
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The fate of excited states in jet-cooled aromatic molecules: Bifurcating pathways and very long-lived species from the S1 excitation of phenylacetylene and benzonitrile
J. Hofstein, H. Xu, T. J. Sears, and P. M. Johnson
J. Phys. Chem. A DOI: 10.102/jp077367b (2008).

Observation of the c1A1(0,10,0) state of CH2 by optical-optical double resonance
Y. Kim, G. E. Hall and T. J. Sears
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The calculation of vibrational intensities in forbidden electronic transitions
P. M. Johnson, H. Xu and T. J. Sears,
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Photoinduced Rydberg ionization spectroscopy of phenylacetylene: vibrational assignments of the C state of the cation
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Hot bands in jet-cooled and ambient temperature spectra of chloromethylene
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J. Chem. Phys. 124, 074314 (2006).

Rotationally resolved spectrum of the A(060) – X(000) band of HCBr
G. E. Hall, T. J. Sears and H. –G. Yu
J. Molec. Spectrosc. 235, 125-131 (2006).

Potential energy surfaces and vibrational energy levels of DCCl and HCCl in three low-lying states.
H. G. Yu, T. J. Sears and  J. T. Muckerman
Molec. Phys.  104, 47-53 (2006).

Observation of the c1A1 state of methylene by optical-optical double resonance
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