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Petitioning for Academic Exceptions

In fulfilling its responsibility to maintain the academic standards of the College, the CEAS Committee on Academic Standing and Appeals (CASA) considers petitions requesting exceptions to academic regulations. Petitions must be in writing. Petitioners never make personal appearances before the CASA. Petitioners receiving denials are entitled to one written appeal to the CASA and CEAS Dean. In compliance with federal and state confidentiality requirements, the CASA’s decisions are not communicated by telephone to petitioners or any other party.

Petitions are exceptions to academic rules, regulations and policies and students should not assume that their petition will be approved by the CEAS CASA. Students who are considering submitting a petition for an academic exception are strongly encouraged to discuss their request with a CEAS Advisor before submission.

Students are expected to be familiar with all academic policies and regulations contained in the current Undergraduate Bulletin and Undergraduate Bulletin Supplement as well as meet all deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. Ignorance of a policy or deadline is not considered as a reason for an academic exception.

Petitions for exceptions should include supporting documentation.

Exceptions to academic policies and regulations may also result in processing fees ; approval of petitions does not waive these fees.

If approved, the decision is communicated directly with the Registrar’s Office for processing. Students are responsible to pay any fees associated with the processing of their petition.

Not all University policies and regulations are petitionable. Students may only petition for exceptions that are detailed in the CEAS Guidelines.