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Implementation Plan:
Academic Year 2019-2020

We will significantly increase our funded activities to implement the SBU Plan for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion this year. Tied to its four overarching goals, we will invest over $1.6M in the following areas:

Goal 1

Improve the diversity of the Stony Brook Community through enhanced recruitment and retention.


  • Undergraduate: Enhanced recruitment of URM students coupled with financial aid gap scholarships
  • Graduate: CIE graduate student recruitment at national meetings
  • Faculty: Financial support for new hires, omnibus ads for post-docs
  • Employees and Staff: Mentorship for retention
  • Employees and Staff: Anti-bias software for job announcements, new employee transition process


Goal 2

Expand educational, research, healthcare and other efforts to ensure that Stony Brook students have the ability to thrive as members of the campus community and as global citizens in a diverse society.


  • Mentoring:
    • Online mentoring program for international students
    • WISE mentorship workshops and courses
    • LILTA high school student conference
    • Cool Nerd workshops with AFS, SAAB, SAAS; Pursuing STEM field professions
    • Veterans Affairs mentorship program
    • Career Center initiative on women in career services and industry
    • Cultural awareness training for EOP students
  • Pipelines/Pathways
    • Career internships for STEM graduate students
    • Dental School pathway program for college and high school students
    • School of Medicine PACE program
    • Graduate Student pipeline initiative via AGEP-T LI Frame project
    • Internships for URM students in Information Technology
    • Higher Education fellowships in conjunction with Diversity Leadership
    • Graduating senior seminars re post-college life
    • Internships in Athletics to develop URM workforce
  • Special Events/Projects
    • Preparing Future Faculty Conference
    • HeForShe writing contest on gender equity
    • Leadership Conferences and Retreats
    • First Year Reader: Janet Mock
    • Scholarship for EOP study abroad applicants
    • Civic Justice awareness and advocacy workshops
    • Housing insecurity support
    • Development of private lactation spaces
    • NSF Grant Frame Project (In association with SUNY Farmingdale and Suffolk County Community College)


Goal 3

Support the development of a campus climate that values diversity, equity and inclusion in a way that promotes the ability of members of the community to thrive and to achieve their individual goals.


  • Faculty
    • Development of Inclusive Communication module by Alda Center for Communicating Science
    • Faculty leadership development
    • Research on the impact of faculty cluster hires
    • Future chairs training
    • SUNY PRODI-G support for fellowships and retention support for URM and women in STEM mid-career level faculty
  • Communications
    • Enhanced photo library of life on campus
  • Staff/Administration
    • Leadership conference support
    • DLDI and residential life employee initiative
    • Improved microsite employment platforms
  • Campus Wide Initiatives
    • Creation of Center for DEI Education and Instruction to bring training in bias, power dynamics to students, staff, faculty
    • Diversity Speaker Series and CAS Lecture Series
    • Support for heritage month activities, training and workshops


Goal 4

Establish a culture of accountability and assessment around diversity and inclusion initiatives and policies.


  • Climate surveys: HEDS


DI funding chart  

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