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Diversity Plan Expenditures

Activity Lead Amount Source
Task force recommendations on supporting international students Jun Liu $50,000 Diversity $
ADA teaching workshops for faculty  Provost/DSS $3,500 Diversity $
Matching funds for career guidance pilot grant to support career training and internships for STEM graduate students (will support URM participants)   $7,500 Diversity $
Add base funding for EOP/AIM Finance $250,000 Base funding
Add students to STEM Smart Summer Bridge Program Paul Siegel $25,000 Diversity $
Support WISE, I-STEM Institute & CIE to develop a Mentoring Program Community Building Workshop for mentees (100 in first 2 years of WISE Honors Program) and their mentors (25 students in the last year of the WISE Honors program or female grad students) Monica Bugallo $15,000 Diversity $
Develop and implement a course on “Leadership and Mentoring in the STEM Disciplines” for female grad students in STEM disciplines. Pilot offering to 50 students Monica Bugallo $15,000 Diversity $
 REDI Program-facilitators and supplies Robbye Kinkade $100,000 Office of the President
 ID card machine upgrade for preferred names on IDs Bursar's Office $10,000 Diversity $
Development of a new photo library for representation of diversity in campus publications Communications $20,000 Diversity $
Polaris/DLE/SUNY Climate Survey Student Affairs $30,000 Diversity $
Recruitment of students-scholarships and yield activities Admissions and Financial Aid $100,000 Diversity $
CIE recruitment at national meetings, schools with large URM undergraduate populations in an effort to increase activity outside of the STEM fields CIE $10,000 Diversity $
Turner Fellowship Support Chuck Taber $50,000 Base funding
Preparing Future Faculty inaugural conference Tsirka/Carter/Williams/Taber $50,000 Diversity $
Leadership Fund to encourage faculty and staff to attend leadership conferences, fellowships Kaushansky, Bernstein $50,000 Diversity $, plus $ from Provost and SVP Medicine
Opportunity Hires (Faculty) Kaushansky, Bernstein $350,000 Diversity $, plus $ from President, Provost and SVP Medicine
Support for Long Island Latino Teachers Association conference for male and female high school leaders Office of Community Affairs $3,000 Gov Relations/Office of President
Make connections wih URM faculty through professional organizations and conferences and, where possible, bring URM faculty to SBU for events.  Chief Diversity Officer $25,000 Diversity $
Improve microsite employment platforms to create higher visibility and show our commitment to diversity, veterans and people with disabilities Human Resources $15,000 Diversity $
Post omnibus ads for post doc and lecturer positions Human Resources $30,000 Diversity $/Office of President
Attend job fairs Human Resources $1,200 Human Resources
Develop new transition process for new employees including adding mentors from departments. Human Resources $40,000 Diversity $
Develop Brookology website as a place for employees to learn about activities and to connect with each other Office of Community Affairs $10,000 Diversity $
Hire intern to assist with developing community connections, maintaining Brookology and updating CollegiateLink Office of Community Affairs $16,000 Diversity $
Hire Chief Diversity Officer Office of President $220,000 Base Funding
Do a climate survey of staff Institutional Research $30,000 Diversity $
HeForShe Initiative  Office of the Provost $10,000 Diversity $
  Diversity Money $882,000  
  Other Funds $654,200  
  Total $1,536,200  


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