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Diversity Advisory Group

The Diversity Advisory Group consists of dedicated faculty, students, staff, and employees that work together to advance the Stony Brook Plan for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. They chair working committees that are assisting with implementation and developing future initiatives.

Working Committees:

Human Resources
Co-Chairs: Colette Brown, Lynn Johnson, Marjolie Leonard

Assessment & Accountability
Co-Chairs: Ahmed Belazi, Braden Hosch

Faculty Diversity Infrastructure
Co-Chairs: Surita Bhatia, Marvin Colson 

Community Task Force
Co-Chairs: Sanaa Nadim, Eric Olsen

Marketing and Communications
Co-Chairs: Michael Gasparino and Clinton Weaver

Student Inclusion Leadership Council
Co-Chairs: Shaheer Khan, Shelley Germana, Kiara Arias

DEI Education and Instruction
Co-Chairs: Robbye Kinkade, Brooke Ellison