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Who's Who



Creative Writing, Filmmaking, and TV Writing Program
Melville Library N3017
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3371
(631) 632-1133<

Genevieve Sly Crane, Undergraduate Program Director, Creative Writing
Karen Offitzer, Director of the Minor in Filmmaking and TV Writing
Liz McRae, Undergraduate Program Coordinator



Stephen Aubrey, Visiting Lecturer: playwriting
Imran Azad, Lecturer: podcasting
Sarah Azzara, Lecturer: fiction
Perry Blackshear, Assistant Research Professor: filmmaking
William Chandler, Lecturer: screenwriting
Niav Conty, Lecturer: filmmaking
Robert Crace, Visiting Lecturer: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry
Amy Gaipa, Lecturer: filmmaking
Molly Gaudry, Assistant Professor: poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction
Paul Harding, Associate Professor: fiction
Frank Imperiale, Video Production Specialist: podcasting
Kaylie Jones, Visiting Professor: fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir
Christine Kitano, Associate Professor: poetry
Marissa Levien, Lecturer: fiction
Kate Levitt, Lecturer: filmmaking
Robert Lopez, Associate Professor of Practice:  fiction, creative nonfiction
Christian McLean, Lecturer:  fiction, ethics
Susan Minot, Visiting Assistant Professor: fiction
Karen Offitzer, Lecturer: screenwriting, fiction, creative nonfiction
Casey Plett, Visiting Lecturer: fiction, publishing
Kathleen Russo, Associate Professor of Practice: fiction
Julie Sheehan, Associate Professor: poetry, senior project
Genevieve Sly Crane, Assistant Professor: fiction, publishing
Laura Thompson, Lecturer: poetry, creative nonfiction
Emma Walton Hamilton, Visiting Assistant Professor: fiction, poetry


We love to visit with prospective students and parents, either online or in person. To arrange such a felicitous event, contact us at   or