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Shoki Goodarzi


Areas of SpecializationContemporary Middle Eastern Art and Cinema, Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology, Curatorial Studies

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Office: Staller Center for the Arts #4214

Shoki Goodarzi’s inter-disciplinary academic training has provided her with the necessary tools to study and effectively teach multiple fields of interests.  With a master’s degree in Classical art and archaeology, specializing in the Roman and Aegean world, and a Ph.D. in ancient Near Eastern art and archaeology, Goodarzi’s courses at the undergraduate level cover much of the ancient world. Although these courses may follow what appears to be a conventional linear fashion, the content addresses larger issues in the field, not in isolation, but rather as a vehicle of influences, transference of ideas, and interconnections that link cultures across time and space.  Her academic specialty is further strengthened by her experience as an archaeologist and as a museum curator; both are fully integrated into her research and classroom teaching.

While ancient arts of the Mediterranean and the Middle East were her focus in graduate school, since then she has developed interest and expertise in the contemporary art and cinema of the Middle East.  She has offered specialized topics courses on Contemporary Art of Modern Iran, Women Artists of Middle East, and Iranian Cinema, allowing our students to become aware of and pursue growing opportunities in this field. The exploration of cross-cultural relations in both ancient and modern societies adds a significant global dimension to our curriculum at both graduate and undergraduate levels.