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Art Department Gallery

Art Department Gallery Hallway Staller Center 2nd floor hallway

Welcome to our Online Art Department Gallery
Powerful work is being created in our Art Department. The current pandemic continues to limit our physical interactions. It has transformed the way we communicate, share information, and also celebrate accomplishments. We have all been challenged to be creative and to adapt. At this time, we are proud to welcome you to view exhibitions of our students’ projects in our virtual exhibition space.

Honors Project (ARS 495 Various Instructors)

Advanced Directed Projects in Studio Art (ARS487 Various Instructors)

Experimental Printmaking (ARS 491 Instructor: Lorena Salcedo-Watson)

Senior Seminar (ARS 420) and Art & AI (ARS 390), Instructor: Stephanie Dinkins, Spring 2021

"Beyond Death: Ecological Resurrections from Perishing to Flourishing" curated by Linda Weintraub (ARS 520 & ARS 466/366 Instructor: Nobuho Nagasawa) Spring 2021

Achieving and Undermining Sameness (ARS 452/352 Instructor: Jason Paradis) Spring 2021

Senior Seminar (ARS 420 Instructor: Maya Schindler) Fall 2020

Senior Seminar (ARS 420 Instructor: Toby Buonagurio) Spring 2020

Painting: Simulacrum (ARS452/352 Instructor: Jason Paradis) Fall 2020


Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery

Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery Melville Library 1st floor

The Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery is a place for M.F.A. students to display their works of art throughout their program. - tag - Alloway Gallery


Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery

Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery Staller Center 1st floor

The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery presents dynamic professional and student exhibitions in a 5,000 square foot space in the Staller Center for the Arts at Stony Brook University. Exhibitions bring works by celebrated artists to the campus, including Yoko Ono, Faith Ringgold, Elizabeth Murray, Philip Pearlstein, Sara Greenberger Rafferty and the Guerrilla Girls. In addition, each year the gallery presents exhibitions featuring the work of Stony Brook University undergraduate and graduate students as well as triennial exhibitions featuring the distinguished faculty of the Art Department.
Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery


Simons Center Gallery

Simons Center Gallery Simon Center 1st floor

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Art and Science Program at Stony Brook University is an ambitious outreach program connecting artists, scientists, and the community at large. The Simons Center Gallery goals include hosting intellectually inquisitive art by internationally acclaimed artists and scientists working at the intersection of art, science, and technology. The exhibitions and events at the Simons Center Gallery feature unique artistic and scientific concepts accessible through a broad range of media for meaningful experiences that ignite imagination and inspire ideas.
Simons Center Gallery


Tabler Art Gallery

Tabler Art Gallery Tabler Center 1st floor

The College of Arts , Culture, and Humanities—located in the five residence hall Tabler Quad—will give students the ideal context in which to explore their artistic creativity and cultural curiosity. The new Tabler Center is the jewel in the Tabler Quad crown, a 10,000 square-foot playground for exploration of the arts and humanities. When completed in 2004-05, this state of the art complex will house a 250-seat performance space for theater, dance, and music, a radio and television studio, an art gallery devoted exclusively to undergraduate works, practice rooms and artist's studios, a digital arts laboratory with the latest arts software, a conference hall and classroom. The Tabler Café will serve food and a private dining room will be available in which classes and clubs can eat and talk, and students can gather to discuss projects, events, or simply relax together.
Tabler Center


Latin American & Caribbean Culture Art Gallery

Latin American & Caribbean Culture Art Gallery Social and Behavioral Sciences Building

The LACS Gallery became a Long Island showcase for Latin American and Latino arts, including the prize-winning show “Unseen America,” documentary photography made by Latino day-workers.
facebook page for StonyBrookLACS