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Drawing & Painting Studios

Drawing Painting Studio Staller Center 4th floor

Studio spaces for drawing and painting courses. 


Design Studio

Design Studio Staller Center 4th floor

This studio is mostly used in ARS 205: Foundations: Idea and Form. 


SINC Site computer labs

Fine Art eMedia Sinc Site Staller Center 1st floor



Fine Art Hybrid Lab Sinc Site Staller Center 4th floor

Fine Art SINC Sites are public computer labs that allow users to access Mac computers. SINC Sites provide printing services and access to numerous academic software titles. Visit here for more information.


Lecture Rooms

Lecture Rooms Staller Center 3rd floor

Lecture rooms for Art History & Criticism courses.


Print Studios

Litho Studio Staller Center 4th floor, lithograph printmaking

Studios for intaglio (etching, drypoint, engraving), relief (woodblock, line block), monoprint, and lithograph printmaking. 


Metal & Wood Shops

metal and wood shops Staller Center Basement

The metal & wood shops are available for students who take sculpture art courses. 


Bronze Casting Foundry

Bronze casting Staller Center Basement, Bronze casting

Bronze casting foundry available in the metal shop for advanced sculpture courses. 


Lighting Studio

Lighting Studio Staller Center 4th floor

Students who take photography and video art courses have access to the Lighting Studio. 



Darkrooms Staller Center 4th floor

Two darkrooms for students taking Black & White film photography courses. 


Maker Space

Maker Space Staller Center 4th floor

Students who have permission from the instructor have access to the Maker Space. 


Checkout Room

Checkout Room Staller Center 4th floor

Students who take digital art courses have access to our digital equipment. 


MFA Headquarter Common Area 

South Common Area Nassau Hall 1st floor, South Campus

Multipurpose space for MFA program at the South Campus. 


Studio Space

MFA Studio Nassau Hall 1st floor, South Campus

Studio spaces available to individual students in the MFA program.