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Requirements for the Major

The major in applied mathematics and statistics leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The following courses are required. 

Lower Division Requirments: 
1. Single-Variable Calculus: AMS 151 161 or MAT 125, 126, 127 or MAT 131, 132 or MAT 141, 142
2. Linear Algebra: AMS 210 or MAT 211
3. Multivariable Calculus: AMS 261 or MAT 203 or MAT 205 
4.Introductory Computer Programming:  AMS 325;  CSE 101 or 114 or 130; or ESE 124; or ESG 111; or MEC 102; or MAT 331; or PHY 277; or ISE 108; or BME 120; or CHE 358; or any other computer programming course at Stony Brook or at another institution: the languages used in such a course should be C, C++, Java, or a comparable language.

Upper Division Requirements:
1. Core Upper Division Courses: AMS 301 and AMS 310 .  Students with an equivalent to AMS 310 must take AMS 311, and AMS 311 may not be used also as an upper division elective towards the AMS major. 
2. Additional Core Upper Division Courses (as of Summer 2013 semester and thereafter): AMS 315, or Calculus IV (AMS 361, or MAT 303, or MAT 305). 
3. Upper Division Electives: Six additional courses (18 credits) of AMS courses numbered 301 level and above (including 500-level courses) but not including AMS 301 and/or AMS 310. At most, two of the six courses can be counted from the following courses: AMS 475, AMS 476, AMS 487, non-AMS upper division mathematically oriented courses. Non-AMS courses may include MAT, PHY, CSE, ENG, as well as selected ECO and BUS courses, such as ECO 321, ECO 348, ECO 303 & ECO 305, and BUS 355. Please be sure to check with the AMS Department to enssure the non-AMS course you select will fulfill the AMS requirement.
4. Upper Division Writing Requirement: See the AMS 300 webpage for details about the different ways to satisfy this requirement.

All courses taken to satisfy the Lower and Upper Division Major Requirement requirements must be passed with a grade of A, B , or C.