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Applying for Graduation in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 

Graduation Application Procedures

1.  Students apply for graduation on SOLAR, and may do so up to a semester in advance of the one in which they plan to graduate. 

2. AMS majors are cleared for the major requirements by the Applied Math and Statistics  Undergraduate Office at the start of their final semester and an email is sent to any graduating AMS major who appears not yet qualified to be cleared.

3.  The University automatically screens students' progress towards meeting general Degree Requirements (SBC's, cumulative and upper division credits, GPA.)  Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin (  Students are notified if they are at risk of not meeting these requirements at the start of their final semester.

4. Students are strongly encouraged to check with the Applied Math and Statistics Undergraduate Program Director, Professor Esther Arkin, or Undergraduate Coordinator, Cathy Arrighetta, prior to their next-to-last semester to be sure that all major requirements are being satisfied. 

5.  Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with an undergraduate academic advisor in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) to review their progress towards meeting University requirements.