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Scholarships and Internships


The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics is fortunate to have several scholarships that are given annually or endowed by alumni and friends of the department.

These scholarships are coordinated by the Undergraduate Office of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In addition to scholarships specifically for Applied Math majors, there are frequently other scholarships from industrial sponsors that Applied Math majors as well as majors in other CEAS departments may apply for. Click here  CEAS scholarships  for the current list of all scholarships. The deadline for applying for scholarships for undergraduates in CEAS departments is in February. The exact date is widely publicized around the Applied Math department and at the above website. Scholarship winners are informed in late April; their scholarship will be applied directly to their tuition bill for the coming academic year.

Here is a list of the scholarships that are designated for Applied Math majors:

This scholarship was endowed by an anonymous friend of the department in honor of the four Applied Mathematics graduates who worked in the World Trade Center buildings and lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy. This scholarship, currently worth about $1800 ,is awarded annually to an outstanding junior or senior Applied Math major.

This scholarship is given by Robert Frey, an Applied Math B.S. and Ph.D. graduate, and his wife Kathryn. One full tuition scholarship at the New York State resident rate is offered each year to an outstanding Applied Math junior or senior major.

This $500 scholarship is given by Michael Driscoll, an Applied Math Ph.D., to recognize the contributions of three members of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Ram Srivastav, Alan Tucker, and Esther Weitzman. It is awarded annually to an Applied Math junior or senior.

The Weinig Foundation provides four to five $4,000 scholarships each year to meritorious junior or senior students in any one of the CEAS undergraduate programs. At least two recipients will be students majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. To be considered for a scholarship award, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.3.


The Undergraduate Office of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences located in Engineering 127 coordinates most internships for students in one of the CEAS majors. A large bulletin board in that office displays a range of summer internships each spring,

The Applied Math Department is contacted directly by a few companies with announcements of summer and academic internships. They are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway opposite Math P138, the office of the Applied Math Undergraduate Program Director.

Each year in early January, the Actuarial Society of New York (ASNY) organizes a large  Actuarial Day  event in New York City where insurance companies and actuarial consulting firms have applications for summer actuarial internship programs. For details, go to  ASNY Webpage

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