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Double Majors

Applied Math majors are encouraged to consider a double major  (or minor) in another discipline. The most frequent choices of AMS double majors are computer science and economics. 

Students in other majors who are considering Applied Math as a second major are encouraged first to select individual AMS courses on the basis of their academic interests or career needs. Only after a student has taken several AMS courses should he or she decide on Applied Math as a second major. 

Double Major with Computer Science
Beyond the mathematics courses required for the CSE major, a double major with AMS requires a course in multivariable calculus, AMS 261 or MAT 203, and five additional upper-division AMS courses, besides AMS 301 and 310. Only four upper-division AMS courses are required if a student takes CSE 355/AMS 345, Computational Geometry, as part of the CSE major. CSE/AMS double majors need to satisfy just one of the AMS and CSE writing requirements. (See the AMS 300 webpage for details about the different ways to satisfy the AMS writing requirement.)

Double Major with Economics
ECO 303 and 305 together, count as one of the two outside upper-division AMS substitutes. Either ECO 321 and ECO 348 may be counted as a second upper-division substitute.  In addition, ECO 355/AMS 335 counts simultaneously towards both majors.  AMS 310 and ECO 320 cannot both be taken for credit.  If an ECO/AMS double major takes ECO 320 first, then to fulfill the AMS requirement of AMS 310 or 311, the student must take AMS 311.  An ECO/AMS double major does not need to take AMS 300, assuming (s)he satisfies the ECO writing requirement. 

Double Major with an Engineering Major
Beyond the mathematics requirements of their engineering major, a double major between engineering and AMS typically needs six additional AMS courses; BME majors only need 4 more courses. (See the AMS Major Requirements at the top of this webpage to identify the missing courses.) Some of the required AMS courses can be fulfilled as Technical Electives in the student's engineering major.  Engineering/AMS double majors do not need to take AMS 300.

Double Major with Mathematics
There is considerable overlap between the AMS and MAT majors.  For example, all the lower-division courses required for the AMS major are also required for the MAT major.  On the other hand, most students have a strong preference for the type of courses offered in just one of these majors. Thus, while a double AMS/MAT major typically involves only four more courses than a single AMS or MAT, few students pursue this double major.