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The Parent Fund

Parents and families of Stony Brook students play a crucial role as their sons and daughters discover their talents, enrich their minds, and take crucial steps toward realizing their aspirations. Parents can greatly enhance our students’ experiences through their personal philanthropic support, and  The Parent Fund offers a way for them to make a meaningful impact. Monies raised through  The Parent Fund  are used to support:

Career Services — by providing additional dollars to support internships, career fairs, career counseling, resume writing and job interview workshops.

Academic Advising Center  by providing funds that enhance the Center’s communications, programs, and services that engage students and foster academic connections with the diverse community of scholars available to them.

Student Health Services — by supporting clinics, social work services, substance abuse counseling, and nutritional advice, while helping to maintain the highest quality health resources for our students.

Libraries — supplements building our library's book collections, improving its technological resources and upgrading its study spaces.

Make an  online gift today to The Parent Fund.