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  • ANT 208: Zombiology

    Undergraduate 3 credits


    Zombie memes have become very popular in culture and media over the past several years. Many aspects of modern zombie lore, as represented in books, movies, and television programs such as The Walking Dead, are germane to understanding important issues in current affairs, science, and other topics of anthropological interest. In this class, we will use scenes from zombie media as prisms through which to examine topics such as the spread of infectious disease in our globalized and densely populated world, predation on humans, forensic analysis of trace evidence like tooth and cut marks, the collapse of civilizations, human behavior in small band societies, violent conflict, etc.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter111430Jason LewisFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
  • ANT 367: Male and Female

    Undergraduate 3 credits


    A study of the manifestation of sex roles in different cultures. Discussion topics include the impact of social, economic and political organization on gender roles and relationships, sexual orientation in cross-cultural perspective, and contemporary theories of gender inequality. Readings present both the male and female viewpoints.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter146130Madeline CherneyFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Closed
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