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Stony Brook University’s MA program in Philosophy and the Arts ranked #3 among the 50 Most Affordable Master's programs in Philosophy by Great Value Colleges.

Department of Philosophy Shout Out: Asylee Advocate Group

Graduate students in the Department of Philosophy, with Ed Casey as faculty advisor, have created the Stony Brook Asylee Advocate Group to assist those released from detention centers in New Jersey. 

Well before the pandemic and continuing today, the fate of thousands of asylum seekers is decided at single court hearings, often after the asylees had been detained for years in prison-like conditions. Even when successful in their bid for asylum, they are released from detention with few if any resources for establishing themselves in the surrounding area.

Surviving in the greater New York City metropolitan region is especially challenging. The Stony Brook Asylee Advocate Group, founded in 2018 by Ed Casey and Asad Naqvi, has been offering concrete assistance to those released: finding shelter, securing a job, receiving financial assistance, getting health care coverage, and offering personal companionship. This concerted assistance has received increasing recognition in the Northeast among established advocacy organizations. The group at Stony Brook is currently composed of 15 MA and PhD students in philosophy who are dedicated to helping released asylees make a new life in the U.S.  

In the Stony Brook Philosophy Department, philosophy is more an activity than an artifact, more a collective vocation than a solitary pursuit.


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The Suffolk County Bar Association panel

Professor Jeffrey Edwards, doctoral candidate Jonathan Sinnreich, Esq., and Hon. Jerry Garguilo on the conference panel of the Suffolk County Bar Association


News & Announcements

Betrayal of Substance Prof. Mary C. Rawlinson has a forthcoming book with Columbia University Press:  The Betrayal of Substance:  Death, Literature, and Sexual Difference in Hegel’s
“Phenomenology of Spirit"


a PLatt  Professor Andrew Platt   has a forthcoming 
 book with Oxford   University Press: One   True Cause  
 Causal Powers, Divine   Concurrence, and the   Seventeenth-Century Revival   of Occasionalism

The New York Times, America Has Two Feet. It’s About to Lose One of Them featuring Professor Robert Crease

Allegra de Laurentiis book cover Collected Papers by Manfred Baum,  Kleine Schriften, Vol. 3:  Arbeiten zu Hegel und verwandten Themen [ Essays on Hegel and Related Themes], edited by Allegra de Laurentiis and Jeffrey Edwards