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2022 Philo Club Poster


In the Stony Brook Philosophy Department, philosophy is more an activity than an artifact, more a collective vocation than a solitary pursuit.


Welcome New Faculty Member
Joseph Lemelin

J LemelinJoseph Lemelin’s research focuses on philosophical implications of digital technologies with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence. He draws from critical theory, philosophy of mind, and the history of philosophy to raise questions about the ways technology reconfigures orienting concepts according to which understand ourselves.

At Stony Brook,  Prof. Lemelin will be teaching a range of courses, from the history of philosophy to philosophy of technology and bioethics. He will also be offering courses in the university’s new Digital Intelligence Program, which combines critical research in the humanities with hands-on computer programming projects. 


News & Announcements

Ever felt your ordinary human experience is being delegitimized? It’s the fault of ‘scientific gaslighters’

Robert P Crease objects to those who claim – often in popular-science books – that science is the one and only road to reality.PhysicsWorld 

Ph.D. Candidate Charles Driker-Ohren  recently published  "An Impossible Awakening: Husserl and the Limits of Time-Consciousness" in The Southern Journal of Philosophy.

Hermeneutics as Critique: Science, Politics, Race, and CultureLorenzo Simpson's book Hermeneutics as Critique: Science, Politics, Race, and Culture was a joint winner of the 2022 Symposium Book Award, Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy.