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Undergraduate Writing at Stony Brook

The Program in Writing and Rhetoric offers two distinct minors, the Writing and Rhetoric minor and the Professional Writing minor. The Writing and Rhetoric minor is 18 credits, and allows students to enhance their writing skills by exploring a broad range of courses in writing, rhetoric, critical thinking, and research. Our Professional Writing minor is 21 credits, and enables students to concentrate on rhetorical, ethical, and practical dimensions of 21st century workplace writing appropriate to their professional goals.  Both minors train students to think critically about the challenges and possibilities related to writing and rhetoric at school, work, and in community and civic settings. The Writing and Rhetoric minor is a good choice for students who want maximum flexibility and course options. The Professional Writing minor is a good choice for students who want a more structured, professionally oriented program.

 Every Major Writes. See your major? Click here to find out more about the Writing and Rhetoric Minor and the Professional Writing Minor at Stony Brook. 

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