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Revocable Permits for Facilities Usage

The use of University facilities by vendors, licensees, or Permittees for commercial and non-commercial Covered Activities shall be accomplished pursuant to a Revocable Permit.

This page illustrates procedures and forms specific to the use of University Space by outside entities. The below offers general information; for specific questions, please contact Dianne Marone, Senior Financial Coordinator, 631-632-6105 or Melissa Hogarty, Assistant Director of Business,  631-632-6107.


Revocable Permits Templates

(updated 12/5/19)

SBU Short-Term Permit (less than 30 days) - No Minors

SBU Long-Term Permit (>30 days) - No Minors

SBU Permit - Includes Child Protection Policy Provisions

Insurance Broker Form

AG/OSC Permit - No Minors

AG/OSC Permit - Includes Child Protection Policy Provisions


Standard Contract Clauses

Exhibit A

Exhibit A-1


Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy


Space Usage Policies

SBU P517: Use of Campus Facilities

SUNY 5603 - Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations

SUNY 5607 - Commercial Use Policy