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Mentors: Where to Look

In searching for a potential mentor, we recommend that you look in the departmental webpages (look under Faculty or People), and take the time to read up on faculty research interests. Students interested in biological sciences are encouraged to look not only at the departments listed in College of Arts and Sciences, for example, but at departments in the School of Medicine, the School of Dental Medicine, and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. For a complete listing of academic departments, please check the:

A to Z Directory

Academic Departments and Programs

URECA Bulletin Board

Biology majors: Look at the Undergraduate Biology webpage listing Faculty Advisors who have previously mentored undergraduate students for academic credit

Have you thought about joining a Vertically Integrated Projects team?

Before you meet with a potential faculty mentor, spend some time preparing and gaining knowledge about the research group/laboratory you wish to join. It is important to be on time, and to be honest about your time commitments (for ex., how many hours/week can you commit to the lab?). It is up to you and your faculty mentor to discuss project details and expectations.