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Frances Velay Fellows  - Summer 2022


Meet the students who participated in the Frances Velay Women in Science Fellowship Program - Summer 2022!

The Frances Velay Women and Science Research Fellowship program at Stony Brook is administered by URECA in collaboration with Dr. Maria Nagan (Department of Chemistry; Associate Dean for Curriculum, College of Arts and Sciences).

Leslie Campo Catalan

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. David Montrose (Pathology)

Project: Analysis of the Metabolome of Human Subjects Following Alterations in Protein Consumption

Joyce Chen

Biochemistry major

Mentor: Dr. Chi-Kuo Hu (Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

Project:  Cell proliferation during the Transitions of  Developmental and Dormant States

Francesca DelloRusso

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry)

Project: Structure Activity Relationships of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors​

Saba Gulzar

Chemistry major

Mentor: Dr. Ming-yu Ngai (Chemistry)

Project: Chiral Catalysts for Highly Selective C2- Functionalization of Carbohydrates

Gifty Gyimah

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Bettina Fries (Medicine)

Project:  Cryptococcus neoformans phenotypical changes during chronological aging

Jessica Jung

Astronomy & Planetary Sciences major

Mentor: Dr.  Paul Northrup (Geosciences)

Project: Comparison of Sulfur Chemistry in Two Type 2 Carbonaceous Chondrites

Naryman Lounici

Physics major

Mentor: Dr. Eric Jones (LTC, Physics & Astronomy)

Project: Gaussian Beams and Their Role in Optical Tweezers

Simran Multani

Chemistry major

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Boon (Chemistry)

Project: Characterizing Kinase Interactions in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa for Biofilm Regulation

Marcela Muricy

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Steven Glynn (Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

Project: Investigating the Impact of Barth's Syndrome Mutations onTafazzin Membrane Binding

Kellianne Ticcony

Marine Science & Sustainability Studies majors

Mentor: Dr. Troy Rasbury (Geosciences)

Project: Analyzing Boron Isotope Variability within a Long Island Coastal Salt Marsh