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The Fall 2020 Leadership Conference is Virtual! 

The theme of this semester's conference will be "Leading by Your Mission and Values" 

The conference this semester will be held virtually via zoom from 3pm-6pm. We will have a keynote speaker and two breakout sessions. You will be able to choose what sessions to attend based on what you find most interesting. We recommend all student organization leaders attend the conference to develop their own personal leadership skills!



Opening Remarks  &  Keynote Speaker (3:00PM):

Drew, Community Engagement Specialist at Rotary International 

Drew is the Community Engagement Specialist at Rotary International, an international non-profit focused on joining leaders to take action and create lasting change in their communities across the globe. Drew's superpowers include writing, speaking, and training on topics she cares most about: LGBTQIA advocacy, leadership development, and intersectionality of identities. Drew believes in unapologetic authenticity, the importance of teamwork, and the power of positivity.

Breakout Session 1 (4:00PM): 

Empowering Positive Change & Action Through Your Organization

Steven Adelson, Coordinator for Center for Civic Justice and Stony Brook University Food Pantry

Student organizations have created incredible communities throughout our campus, providing space for people to connect, grow, and thrive. Organizations also have the potential to empower themselves and others to create positive change and action in their communities. This session will offer an opportunity to consider the ways in which your organization can be or become a true community agent of change.


Leading With Values

Samantha Thompson, Associate Director for Department of Student Engagement and Activities 

"To lead, a leader needs to understand their "Why?" This session will help participants identify what individual core values shape and drive their leadership. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to leverage their fellow members' values to create a shared vision for the student organization's operations this year!"


Black Lives Matter: Being a Good Ally

Black Student Union: Julie Nwaogbe, Alexis Sakil, Violette Walker

"In a racist society, it isn't enough to be 'non-racist,' we must be anti-racist." This presentation will outline ways for non-BIPOC to support the Black Lives Matter movement while being sure to amplify Black voices, not speak over them.

Breakout Session 2 (4:50PM): 

Let Values and Experience Drive Your Career Journey

Nikki Barnett, Director of Career Development & Urszula Zalewski, Director of Experiential Education

Career development requires a combination of learning about yourself and engaging in meaningful experiences. Your experiences enable interests to evolve and grow. During this interactive webinar, we will explore how to access your inner resources and gain experiences and skills that will increase confidence in career decisions and point you in the right direction.


Mission Writing Workshop 

Graduate Coordinators, Student Engagement and Activities: Jasmine Breeland, Stephanie Lowe, Erika Scire

In this presentation students will learn how to write a new mission statement for their organization. They will do this by thinking of the core values of their organization, and using the SMART goals framework to develop a mission statement that is effective in portraying their groups purpose.


Leadership Styles: How Values Determine Your Style

Involvement Coaches, Student Engagement and Activities: Arlene Alvarez, Vanessa Anyakwo, Deanna Bassaragh, Chiara Scharpf

Do you want to become a better leader? Discover your leadership style and learn how to apply your values to your organization!
Closing Remarks (5:40PM)


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