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Bystander Intervention Trainings


Green circle with the words "green dot" in the middle.Green Dot -  participants learn how to recognize risky or potentially violent situations and practice skills and strategies for intervening to prevent or address what's happening.


Letters "QPR" and then text that reads "ask a question, save a life"QPR - students will understand how to recognize the signs that someone is communicating suicidality, offer them HOPE and have the courage to connect them to mental health resources. 


red watch

 Red Watch Band - educates students on the signs of an alcohol overdose and how to call for help. Narcan opioid overdose prevention training is included with ALL Red Watch Band trainings.



Already completed QPR training with CPO, but looking for a refresher to reinforce your knowledge and skills? Check out SUNY's Self-Study QPR! Learn more here: *Please note, the SUNY Self-Study QPR is intended as a refresher in addition to our core campus QPR training, and does not satisfy the requirements for Stony Brook's Upstander award. 

By completing the three bystander intervention trainings listed above (Green Dot, QPR and Red Watch Band) you may be eligible for the Upstander Award. Students that complete all three trainings the semester before they graduate will receive the Upstander Award. This includes a certificate and graduation cord.

If you need a copy of your bystander training certificate please contact
**Please allow two weeks after your training before requesting your certificate. 

Certificate Based Workshops

aim Advanced Intrapersonal Mind(AIM): 5 workshops designed to challenge stigma and expand awareness, knowledge & skills around mental health topics that effect college students. The term “Intrapersonal” refers to factors impacting individual functioning and experience which come from within the individual - such as one’s attitudes, self-concept, self-esteem and ability to self-regulate
The words "Stony Brook University Protect yOUR Health" with a red face mask to the side

Protect yOUR Health:  5 workshops educating students on the various aspects of physical and sexual health. Students that complete all five in a single academic year (by April 1st) receive the Health Hero Certificate.

asap ASAP Champion: 5 workshopsthat teach students about substance abuse and recovery. Students that attend all five workshops in a single academic year (by April 1st) receive the ASAP Certificate.
circle that reads "vipre: violence intervention, prevention and relationship education" with the letters VIPRE in the middle of the circle The VIP (Very Informed Person) Certificateoffers multiple tracks to provide in-depth discussion & learning around a variety of topics; to earn a VIP certificate, attend the 5 workshops in that track in a single academic year (by April 1st).
ssu Recognizing & Responding: Workshops in this track go beyond the information in our campus Green Dotbystander intervention training to take a closer look at specific forms of violence, the impacts they have on individuals & communities, and ways to support survivors.
blue prism heart with the words "one love" below

One Love: CPO is proud to partner with One Love, a national organization dedicated to educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better. Students can participate in a variety of peer educator-led One Love workshops through CPO to earn their One Love Certificate.

Toolbox with the words "relationship toolkit" on it.

Explore a variety of topics focused on relationships & making them work, with an emphasis on communication skills and strategies.

head shape with colorful brain in the middle. the words stress and trauma are on the side of the head Stress & Trauma: Peer educators from all CPO topics areas lead this special interdisciplinary workshop series taking a closer look at the concepts of stress & trauma & exploring distinguishing factors, impacts to everyday functioning & strategies for managing them, as well as resources for additional support. Offered in April as part of Stress Awareness Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month.Participants must attend all three workshops in a single year to earn the certificate.

You can register for these WORKSHOPS here.  

Upstander Award & Gala

The Upstander Award along with the certificates for our workshop series (listed above) are presented at the annual Upstander Gala. The Gala takes place every April. Students eligible for any of the awards are sent a virtual invitation in early April.

If you have any questions about your Upstander status or need a copy of your bystander training certificate please contact

**Please allow two weeks after your training before requesting your certificate.