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Health Education Resources

Safer Sex Supplies and Condom Distribution  - CPO is happy to offer free condoms and other STD prevention products for our campus community. To request free condoms for your building, office, department or self please complete this form

Menstrual Hygiene Product Distribution - CPO is also happy to offer free menstrual hygiene products including pads and tampons. To request free menstrual hygiene products for yourself,  building, office or department please complete this form

**You can also pick up individual safer sex kits and menstrual hygiene kits in the CPO office lobby, Union 108 or the lobby of Rec and Well**

We are working to supply health products in more places in campus! Check back soon for an updated list. If you have an office, organizational space, or meeting room on campus that would be a good fit to stock health products please email Samantha Warren at

Event Request - CPO loves to partner with clubs, organizations and various campus departments to host educational workshops and trainings on health topics. To request an event please complete this form

Student Health Services - For treatment, check out Student Health services to see the many services they can provide to Stony Brook students here.

STI/STD Testing

Student Health Services (SHS) 

Student Health Services offers on-campus sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing by appointments. To make an appointment, call (631) 632-6740. 

Project Safety Net 

Project Safety Net offers on-campus sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing in the CPO Office.

Fall Testing Dates:  September 13th, September 27th, October 11th, October 25th,  November 11th, November 22nd and December 13th 

10 am to 4 pm, CPO Office Union 108 

To make an appointment Call or Text: (631) 707-4024 or (631) 813-8764

Stony Brook Medicine PrEP Program

StonyBrook Medicine PrEP Program visits campus to provide HIV testing and PrEP consultation.                                                             

Fall Testing Dates:  November 7th, December 5th

12 pm to 4 pm, CPO Office Union 108

To make an appointment Call or Text: (631) 559-6138

To find out more you can also visit CPO's SB Engaged page

*Testing provided by Project Safety Net and SBU Medicine PrEP Program does not require insurance, is free and confidential. 



Stony Brook University Dashboard - visit the Stony Brook University Dashboard to get updates on COVID-19 at Stony Brook here.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention - visit the CDC to find updated information on the COVID-19 pandemic here.



Centers for Disease Control & Prevention visit the CDC to find updated information on the flu here.

Student Health Services - Call Student Health Services to schedule a flu vaccine! Call 631-632-6740



On-campus dietician - Laura Martorano, MS, RD, CDN


Intuitive Eating Principles

Health at Every Size (HAES)


Sexual Health

The Trevor Lifeline | 866-488-7386

American Sexual Health Association’s STD Hotline | 919-361-8488

 Planned Parenthood National Sexual Health Hotline | 800-230-7526

 Clinics in NY


To request educational material and brochures around health topics such as flu prevention, STD prevention, nutrition or physical health topics  please contact Samantha Warren at