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Broad Based Fees

In accordance with State University of New York Policy 7804, Stony Brook University charges certain fees in addition to the tuition fee for students enrolled at the University.

Broad-Based Fees are generally charged to all enrolled students and are necessary for the University to operate.  We are very conscious of keeping our costs low, and benchmark our fees each year relative to our SUNY Center peers and other public colleges and universities.  Stony Brook University’s overall tuition costs and fees are among the lowest of any of these schools.

Fees are developed through a review process that involves all stakeholders including student government, user groups, service areas, and University Leadership.  We encourage student input through student government as well as through the advisory boards that make recommendations on each fee each year. Students who are interested in taking part as an advisory board member for a particular fee are invited and welcome to participate in this process by contacting the office responsible for managing the fee as noted on the Student Financial Services website

Stony Brook University strongly encourages all students to take advantage of the services supported by these fees.


Questions and comments regarding the Broad-based Fees may be emailed to

Feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged. You can use the Broad-based Fee Feedback Form to send us your comments. We read all feedback carefully, but please note that we may be unable to respond to each comment or question individually.

Stony Brook Broad-based Fees include:

Athletic Fee (Undergraduate Students Only):

In 1994, Stony Brook began competing as an NCAA Division I program. The Athletics fee was instituted in the same year in order to assist with the transition and to be able to support a DI athletics program. With its growing success, the university expanded SBU’s athletics program to 18 varsity sports with approximately 500 male and female athletes competing at the Division I level. Stony Brook had been a proud member of the America East conference for 2 years. Stony Brook has since joined the Colonial Athletic Association in 2023. This is a clear indicator that SBU athletics continues its path of upward trajectory and challenges its student athletes to perform at the highest level in both the classroom and the field of play. The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee supports the growth of a diverse academic environment that provides all university students with access to safe athletic and recreational facilities, encourages athletes to reach their full academic and athletic potential, while fostering a sense of community and campus pride.

For additional information clickhere.


Recreation and Student Life Fee (Undergraduate Students Only):

This undergraduate fee supports the programs, events, and services that enhance recreation, student life, community, and wellness at Stony Brook.  This includes in-person and virtual activities and services offered through Recreation and Wellness, Student Engagement and Activities, and Student Community Development. 

The fee supports operations, staffing, equipment, classes, sessions, and workshops offered by and/or in the Walter J. Hawrys Recreation and Wellness Center, the University pool, ropes courses, intramural fields, and student life spaces in the Student Activities Center and Union.  This fee supports employment opportunities for more than 200 students annually as well as the advising, training, and event planning services provided to clubs and organizations.  The fee also supports mobile applications and technology platforms that connect residents and commuters to in-person and virtual programs and activities.
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Counseling and Health Fee (Formally Student Health Services Fee):

This undergraduate and graduate fee supports the safety, health, and wellness of all students.  This includes comprehensive and integrated mental health and medical services, education, and preventative health care offered by licensed clinical professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and health educators in Counseling and Psychological Services, the Center for Prevention and Outreach, and Student Health Services.

This fee supports operations, staffing, equipment, classes, sessions, and workshops offered in-person and virtually.  Services include 24/7 telecounseling, telemedicine, telepsychiatry, the Let’s Talk counseling program, individual and group counseling services, nutrition counseling with a registered dietician, and bystander intervention and prevention programs focused on suicide, sexual assault, toxic drinking, and COVID-19.  The Health and Wellness Center offers no cost and confidential sexually transmitted infection testing as well as an onsite laboratory and pharmacy with consultative services.
For additional information click on the links below:
Counseling and Health, CPO, and CAPS.

Technology Fee:

The Technology Fee supports fundamental services including a variety of technologies which support the academic needs of the institution and enables Stony Brook to offer its students the highest quality learning environment. Information technology is at the heart of the student experience, and faculty depend upon students having access to all IT resources offered from online registration to virtual learning systems and academic library resources. The Technology Fee is used to address specific technology needs such as computing and information technology, library automation, connectivity and mobility, public IT service sites, and student system automation.
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Transportation Fee:

The University’s transportation program is shaped significantly by the Transportation and Parking Advisory Group. The group, comprised of SBU students and transportation professionals, meets regularly during the academic year to review and discuss transportation and parking issues and initiatives, and provide feedback on the transportation function’s impact on the campus community. SBU Transportation continues to improve transportation services in numerous ways.

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Lifetime Career Development Fee:

Stony Brook University is well known for its ability to help propel student socio-economic advancement, which is thanks, in large part, to a very active and engaged Career Center team and Alumni network. This undergraduate and graduate fee supports the lifetime career development of all students.  This includes access to more diverse experiential learning opportunities and career mentors, improved student career readiness, and greater student-alumni engagement offered through the Career Center and the Office of Alumni Relations.   

This fee supports operations, staffing, equipment, classes, sessions, and workshops offered in-person and virtually.  Services include access to the employment portal Handshake, job fairs, newsletters from affinity-based Career Communities, corporate site visits, career development classes offered for academic credit, internships, and student-alumni networking.  Individual and group coaching sessions focus on skill-building including resume and cover letter development as well as strengthening interviewing and negotiating skills.  The fee also supports student employment on campus and a student professional development fund to attend webinars, meetings, and/or conferences.
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SUNY Mandated Fees: 

Academic Excellence Fee:

The Academic Excellence Fee is mandatory for all SUNY students attending a University Center. The State University of New York instituted the Academic Excellence and Success Fee to provide the financial resources necessary for building and enhancing academic and student success. The fee is charged to all undergraduate and graduate students.  

College Fee:

The College Fee is one of the Broad Based Fees that students are responsible for paying each semester and/or during each Intersession period. This mandatory fee allows our University to develop and maintain high-quality services and programs that enhance the student experience and provide unparalleled access to world-class faculty and research for all enrolled students.

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