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ricciardiI give to the Stony Brook Cares/SEFA United Way ​Campaign because I know that for myself and my husband, we don't always have the time to volunteer, as hard as we may try and as much as we may want to. By giving to the Stony Brook Cares Campaign, it makes me feel like we are contributing, even in a small way, and doing our part to make a difference. I have chosen to give to the September 11th Families Association. They focus on providing support and information to the September 11th community. Just last September, more than 600 employees from companies that were directly impacted by 9/11 gathered together to assemble bikes for 550 children whose fathers are serving in the 75th Army Ranger Regiment. It is this type of impact I am honored to be a part of and the Stony Brook Cares Campaign gives me that avenue.

Jeanmarie Ricciardi
Human Resource Services


Why do I contribute to SEFA? The charities SEFA supports are local. There are an extraordinary number of charities to choose from and I can direct my contributions to specific charities as I see fit. Knowing that my contributions are staying on Long Island and supporting local people gives me an excellent feeling. And collectively the University community becomes a greater force for good within our communities. I also like SEFA because it is an easy way to coordinate my charitable giving. I can donate on a bi-weekly basis, which is great for budgeting. By the end of the year, my small set-asides add up to something significant. And my contributions are easily tracked for tax purposes. 

John L. Fogarty, Director of Capital Planning
Campus Planning, Design and Construction

sridharsGiving to Stony Brook is like investing in home improvement for us – it has been our academic home for 36 years. We are passionate about giving to Stony Brook because we are ourselves products of public university education. Stony Brook has pioneered a flourishing model of university-community collaboration for mutual benefit – the Mattoo Center for India Studies.

Over 20 years, combining academic excellence and public outreach, the Center has extended the intellectual and cultural horizons of our campus and community, including educating more than 20,000 students. 

S.N. Sridhar, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, Linguistics and India Studies
Kamal K. Sridhar, Associate Professor of Linguistics and India Studies
Department of Asian & Asian American Studies 

campbellThe Stony Brook Cares/SEFA United Way ​Campaign is just one more great opportunity for us to give back to our community​! This year I have chosen two charities that are near and dear to my heart.

US Military Personnel Scholarship Fund: As the wife, daughter, and granddaughter of veterans, I know the sacrifice our military members make to protect our freedom. The Office of Veterans Affairs utilizes the donations to enhance the registration and processing of veteran students' educational benefits and provides excellent support to active Stony Brook duty service members, veterans and their families. 
United Way of Long Island: I participated in a local after-school program funded by the United Way, targeting 6th-8th graders living in poverty in gang-infested neighborhoods. The goal was to give these children a better future by promoting education and keeping them off of the streets. The program offered Math, Science, English, and History classes, homework help, recreational sports, music and art instruction, theater, and dance, and provided positive role models.

Sarah Campbell
Human Resource Services

zadok familyWe strongly believe that the  Stony Brook Child Care Center was an important component to our daughter's success in later years. They teach tolerance, multiple cultures, songs and words in several languages, acceptance, proper social interactions and more.

Martha Zadok, Assistant to the Chair, Department of Music
Erez Zadok, Associate Professor, Computer Science