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The Charles Thide Foundation

SEFA Charity Number: 65-00063

The Charles Thide Foundation is dedicated to assisting individuals suffering from multiple myeloma and all forms of cancer. Charles Thide was a hardworking, healthy 53-year-old man until he was stricken with multiple myeloma in December 2003. He put up a brave fight but lost his battle with this form of bone marrow cancer in October 2004.

"The loss of my wonderful husband and my children's father was completely devastating," said Diane M. Thide, Budget Systems Administrator at Stony Brook. "I cannot tell you how much the support of others during this difficult time helped us. My children and I have felt blessed that this foundation was started by Charlie's coworkers so that we can keep his spirit alive by assisting others."

To honor Charles' memory and spirit, this foundation continues to assist individuals suffering from bone marrow and other forms of cancer, to provide for their families during difficult times and to support research to find a cure for cancer.

For more information about the foundation, call (631) 474-0636.

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