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Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc.

SEFA Charity Number: 65-00290

Stony Brook Child Care Services is one of the nation's top-ranked programs of its kind, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. University and Hospital faculty, staff, and students are able work and study knowing that their children are cared for in an environment designed for young children, by early childhood educators who understand child development. Early childhood is a crucial time for learning. The most rapid phase of a child’s development occurs in their first five years of life. These early years are when the brain grows the most—85% of children's core brain structure is developed by the age of four—providing the foundation for children’s future health, academic success, and social and emotional well-being. Our teachers understand this and focus on all aspects of development; social, physical, cognitive and emotional when planning for a classroom and individual children. Child care tuition is charged on a sliding scale according to family income to help support families access high quality care they can afford. At Stony Brook Child Care we believe all children deserve an excellent early education and strive to provide it.

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The center is a multicultural and socio-economically diverse microcosm of our larger community and prepares children to succeed in a diverse and ever changing world. Our aim is to provide a nurturing, stimulating and inclusive early childhood experience for infants, toddlers preschoolers and their families at a very important time in their lives. Contact Stony Brook Care Services at (631) 632-6930.