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TAP No Major Declared - by junior level status (57 earned credits)

To be eligible for a New York State Tuition Assistance Award (TAP) and/or NYS Scholarship, you need to be aware of New York State Education Department requirements that state you must be in a major that leads to a degree when you are entering your junior year (57 completed credits) or you will not be eligible for TAP/NYS Scholarship award(s). Please refer to the Academic Calendarfor the semester deadline date.  You will not be eligible for a TAP/NYS Scholarship award if you have junior level status (57 earned credits) and have not declared a major by the deadline date

You are strongly encouraged to seek assistance in making a decision about your major by contacting Academic Advising

Once you have selected a major, the signature(s) of a departmental advisor is required on a Declaration of Major form. After you have obtained the appropriate signature(s), the form should be brought to the Registrar’s Office in the Administration Bldg., Room 276 (Phone 631-632-6175), no later than the deadline date noted on the Academic Calendar.  Please do not select an area of interest (AOI), as they are not approved majors.