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Email and SOLAR Communication

(Sent several times a semester)

As a potential recipient of New York State Tuition Assistance and/or Scholarships, it is extremely important that you are familiar with the eligibility requirements set forth by the State of New York. In order to be eligible for any TAP and/or NYS scholarships, you must meet all of the criteria established by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation ( as well as the following criteria each semester:

  1. You must be enrolled as a full-time student each semester (minimum of 12 credits).
  2. You must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits that are ALL applicable to your degree, university requirements, (SBC or DEC) and declared major(s).  Courses you are taking for minors or specializations on record can ONLY be counted as part of the 12 degree applicable credits if your major(s) requires completion of the minor or specialization.
  3. You may enroll in elective courses (that is, courses that do not count toward degree requirements noted in item #2), but they must be IN ADDITION TO the 12 degree applicable credits.
  4. If you retake a course in which you received a C or higher previously, you cannot count this course as part of the 12 credit minimum requirement.
  5. Courses graded P, NF, N/C or W may negatively affect your TAP/Scholarship eligibility for future semesters.
  6. You must declare a valid major by Junior Status, 57 earned credits.  Earned credits include any test or AP credits as well as transfer credits brought to Stony Brook University.  General and Area of Interest are NOT valid majors.

Please review your TAP Certification Summary Page on SOLAR to ensure you are in compliance with these regulations. If you are not, please adjust your class schedule by the add/drop deadline to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to receive TAP.  We are not permitted to count courses added after the add/drop deadline as part of your 12 degree applicable credits.

The New York State legal requirements are very specific and, if not adhered to, will result in a change to your qualification for TAP funding. We are dedicated to helping you through this process.  If you have any questions, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor as soon as possible.

To review all other eligibility requirements, visit the New York State Higher Education Services website at