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Allegra deLaurentiis

Allegra de Laurentiis


Ph.D. Universität Frankfurt, Germany, 1982
M.A. Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany, 1978
Laurea in Filosofia, Università la Sapienza, Roma, 1975

Harriman Hall 219
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3750

Tel: (631) 632-7570



Areas of Specialization: Nineteenth century, especially Hegel's system (foci: Science of Logic, Philosophy of Spirit, Philosophy of Right); Ancient Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle (foci: De Anima and parts of Physics and Metaphysics); and Hegel's interpretation of Greek philosophy. Areas of Competence include issues in eighteenth and nineteenth century moral and political philosophy; Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (1807) and his Philosophy of History; Marx and Marxisms; and, Globalization studies.

Born in Rome, Italy, she studied philosophy in Tübingen, Rome and Frankfurt. She earned her Laurea in Filosofia in 1975 at the Università la Sapienza, Roma, with a thesis on N. Goodman and W.v.O. Quine. She completed her German doctorate at the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt in 1982 with a dissertation on Marx’s relation to Kantian and Hegelian philosophy (published with Peter Lang Publishers in 1985).

She taught at Villanova University (1987-1990) and Miami University of Ohio (1990-1994) before joining the faculty at Stony Brook in 1994 as a Lecturer and eventually as Assistant Professor. In 2019 she was promoted to full Professor in the Philosophy Department.

De Laurentiis’ research centers on Hegel’s Aristotelianism, nineteenth-century philosophical anthropologies, the philosophy of history, and philosophical conceptions of right in Kant, Hegel and Marx. Her undergraduate teaching at SBU encompasses introductory courses in logic and western philosophy, as well as upper levels in modern political philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, and metaphysics. Her graduate teaching includes nineteenth-century political philosophy, philosophical anthropology, metaphysics and aesthetics, as well as selected works by Aristotle.


Professor Allegra deLaurentii's CV

Hegel Society of America



Selected Publications

Subjects in the Ancient and Modern world: On Hegel’s Theory of Subjectivity (monograph; Palgrave-MacMillan 2005);

The Bloomsbury Companion to Hegel  (co-editor; 2013);

Hegel and Metaphysics. On Logic and Ontology in the System  (editor; DeGruyter, 2016);

Arbeiten zu Hegel und verwandten Themen, vol. 3 of   Manfred Baum. Kleine Schriften (co-edited with Jeffrey Edwards), W. DeGruyter, 2020;


Selected Articles & Book Chapters
Since 2010

“Universal Historiography and World History According to Hegel.”  Book chapter in Historiae Mundi. Studies in Universal Historiography. P. Liddel, A. Fear eds. London, UK: Duckworth Publishers, 2010, pp. 207-220.

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“Hegel’s Idea of the Concept of Right and Its Actualizations.” Chapter in “ Hegel’s Politics as Logic: Problems, Legacies, and Perspectives,” edited by Gregor Schäfer, Lexington Press, 2023 (forthcoming).