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Please Join Us in Welcoming Our New PhD Students


Michael Barr
Graduate Assistant

M Barr

Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2023
M.A., Philosophy & the Arts, Stony Brook University, 2021-2022
M.A.,English, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2018 - 2019

Areas of interest: Artificial-General Intelligence, Philosophy of Mathematics, Early Analytic Philosophy, History of Continental Philosophy, Continental-Analytic Divide, Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory, Psychoanalysis, Comparative Literature, The Pittsburgh Hegelians, Existential Risk.

In the fall, I will be working with Tony Steinbock on the Continental Philosophy Review.


Maxaie Belmont
TA - PHI 108.31 Logical and Critical Reasoning

M Belmont

Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2023 -
M.A., Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center, 2022-2023
M.A., Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center, 2019-2022 
B.S., Marketing, Saint John's University, 2011-2016 

Areas of interest: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Race.

Dr. W. Burghardt Fellow. Research focuses on play theory and the pragmatic tradition. Concerned with how play theory explains the function of beliefs on one hand, and culture, specifically cultural formation, expression, and relations, on the other.

Tara Mastrelli
TA - PHI 108.31 Logical and Critical Reasoning

T Mastrelli

PhD, Philosophy, Stony Brook University, 2023-
MA, Philosophy, New School for Social Research, 2023
Certificate, Gender & Sexuality Studies, New School for Social Research, 2022
BS, Journalism (Minors in Business and Classics), University of Florida, 2000

Areas of interest:  social and political philosophy, feminism, critical epistemology, pragmatism,
and phenomenology.

I recently completed my MA in philosophy and a certificate in Gender & Sexuality Studies at the New School for Social Research. I’m excited to join the community at Stony Brook—both within the philosophy department, and as a Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellow, through an interdisciplinary community dedicated to making higher education and the sciences more equitable. This semester you can find me TA-ing for Dr. Jennifer Carter’s Logical & Critical Reasoning course, in my office at Harriman Hall, or anywhere there’s outdoor live music in Port Jeff! 

William Perez-Porras
TA - PHI 108.31 Logical and Critical Reasoning

M Belmont

Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2023 -
MA, Philosophy, University of Costa Rica, 2020
BA, Philosophy, University of Costa Rica, 2015
Lic, Construction Engineering, Costa Rican Institute of Technology, 2012

Areas of interest: Philosophy of technics and technology, Philosophy of Nature // Philosophy of Images, Visual Studies // Continental Philosophy

Before coming to Stony Brook, I worked as both a philosophy and physics instructor in my home country. In my master's thesis on Husserl's image consciousness notion, I conducted research on the intersection of phenomenology and visual studies. Now I am interested in Simondon's work, particularly in his philosophy of technology qua continuation of an individuation theory. 

Viviane Ribeiro
TA - PHI 110 Arts and Ideas

V Riberno

PhD., Stony Brook University, 2023-
Ph.D., Theory of State and Constitutional Law (PUC-Rio), 2015-2019
MA, Theory of State and Constitutional Law (PUC-Rio), 2012-2014
MA, History (FGV-CPDOC), 2012-2014
BA, Law (PUC-Rio), 2006-2011

Areas of interest:  political philosophy, the history of philosophy, Baruch Spinoza and contemporary Spinoza scholars, early modern philosophy, and materialism. 

I am an on-leave professor in the Law Department at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), where I also got my MA and Ph.D. degrees in Law.  At SBU Department of Philosophy, with its tradition, the diversity of seminars, and professors specialized in continental philosophy, I am pretty sure I have found the best academic environment to proceed with my studies and have the best training to become a professor of Philosophy.