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Budget Development 

This section contains resources that will help you develop an appropriate budget.

Budgets are critical components of the proposal because they provide insight into project management as well as defining the amount of funding necessary to conduct the project. A carefully prepared budget, in accordance with sponsor guidelines, accurately detailing the funds necessary to carry out the technical statement of work, can strengthen the total proposal and increase the likelihood of funding. It can often identify weak areas in the proposal narrative and result in improvement of the proposal. A budget should include all the Direct Costs and Facilities and Administrative (F&A) (or IDC or overhead) costs required to carry out the project objectives. Specific requirements, including cost principles as defined by the federal government in the Office of Management & Budget 2CFR200, must be adhered to at the proposal stage and when the funds are expended. Proposals to non-federal sponsors requesting approval of direct costs which are not allowable for federal reimbursement should clearly include and justify those costs in the budget.

OSP will complete sponsor assurances and certifications and will assist the investigator in interpreting sponsor guidelines.

Budget templates with RF’s rates are available and we encourage you to use them.

It is important to substantiate your budget with an explanation or a budget justification. 

A justification explains the budget items so that the funding agency will understand what will need to be purchased to perform your project. Most sponsors have a format for the budget justification that you should follow.

The agency guidelines will identify requirements and restrictions on budget items. The guidelines may also indicate the agency's policies on F&A costs.