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About myResearch Agreements

Access myResearch Agreements

myResearch Agreements is the electronic system for the submission and tracking/monitoring of agreements (e.g. Research Agreements, Data Use Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements) to the Office of Sponsored Programs. This is in addition to the proposal routing through myResearch Grants. 

myResearch Agreements was designed to streamline management of agreements by maintaining a single repository for all types, including research, data use and clinical trial agreements. Investigators can effortlessly track and log third party and internal communications, and also gain insight into process bottlenecks with real-time turn-around reporting throughout every step.

What can myResearch do for you?

Single point of entry, automated submission routing by agreement type

Eliminate the need for researchers to answer the question “Where do I send this?” Simple configuration allows seamless routing to OSP. The submitter simply selects the agreement type and the system does the rest.

Customized submission forms by agreement type

Answer submission questions relevant to your agreement,  streamlining the submission experience.

Single office inbox with support for multiple offices

Route submissions to OSP, and allow the staff in that office to assign and take ownership of submissions as they come in. Eliminate the risk of submissions falling through the cracks in individual email accounts. Agreements will be reviewed simultaneously by OSP and the applicable research compliance offices. 

Link related agreements to each other and to other related projects

Clone previously submitted agreements, saving you valuable time in the submission process.

Flexible management of ancillary reviewer and approval process

Give the contract owner and submitter the flexibility to determine the appropriate people and timing of additional reviews. Supports defaults based on business rules

Automated template generation

Automatically create draft documents from standard templates by populating relevant information from submission forms

Track how long an agreement takes from the time it was submitted to execution.

See how much time was spent with the researcher, the third party, and the central office. View the status of your agreement at a glance, including most recent activities and reviewer comments.