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Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures (E-RAS)



The Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures (E-RAS) is used to identify individuals with authorization to encumber or commit account funds (delegates).   E-RAS is not used to grant access to the  RF Business System

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if there are changes in a delegate? 

Whenever a change in delegate occurs, the PI must make the appropriate changes in E-RAS Online.

How can I add an authorized signatory to my research award?

1. Obtain the SBID or NetID of your Delegates.

2. Log on to E-RAS.

3. Click on the account number that you wish to add a Delegate to.

4. Click on the Add/Remove button.

5. Fill-in the Level of Authority if necessary.

6. Repeat for each of your Delegates.

7. Click on the Done button.

8. Click on the Save and Confirm button at the top of the screen